To assist using this website the following Plugins may be useful...

“Plugins” can extend reading support for people with disabilities or those who just want more comfortable ways of interacting with web content.

Changing the way a page is displayed:

Alternative ways of getting magnification include using speed reading plug-in like... Spreed (Chrome) or using page de-clutter tools like Reader (FireFox) or Reader View (Chrome). These allow control on both text size and background colours.

You can also change colours instantly using HighContrast (Chrome) or NoSquint (FireFox).

Read more effectively

Skim read a page via headings HeadingsMap (FireFox) and HeadingsMap (Chrome) extract all the headings and subheadings into a navigable list - an excellent way of seeing how the content of the whole page fits together.

Listen to content

Listen to a page using a plugin like the excellent Google Selection Reader

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