Upcoming Dates and Agendas

Parbold Parish Council Meeting Dates...

The Parish Council meets on the first Friday of the month at 19:30, except in August.

The Parish Council Notice Board situated on the land adjacent to 17 The Common (currently McColls) posts details of meetings.

Meeting Agendas

Parish Council Meeting Agendas are available below

PPC Meetings

All members of the public are entitled to attend these meetings and are cordially invited by the Council to do so. Time is set aside at the beginning of each meeting to enable informal discussion to take place.

See below for a list of meeting dates ...

  • Friday 7th July 2023
  • Friday 1st September 2023 (statutory meeting)
  • Friday 6th October 2023
  • Friday 3rd November 2023 (statutory meeting)
  • Friday 1st December 2023
  • Friday 5th January 2024
  • Friday 2nd February 2024
  • Friday 1st March 2024 (statutory meeting)
  • Friday 5th April 2024

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